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Delhi is not just any city – it is a tome – a book whose leaves narrate the ancient and recent history of India. The strategic positioning of Delhi, its acclaimed wealth and exotic allured and captivated the hearts of Emperors, conquerors, traders and explorers alike. The diverse cultural elements, gradually absorbed into the daily life of the city over centuries, have holistically enriched its character.

Delhi is a vast, vibrant city that lingers in your thoughts long after you have left it. The city is clearly segregated into Old and New Delhi, each of which boasts several historical attractions that are visited by the world’s curious tourists. While Old Delhi bustles in its antiquity, New Delhi presents a relatively modern picture with sprawling Government buildings, Embassies, museums, boutiques, eateries, fashion design houses, art galleries and fabulous retail outlets et al.

 The city of Delhi is familiar with the arrival of travellers from all over the world, and offers hotel accommodation in all categories and prices ranges to cater to them all.


Gurgaon is one of the fast growing tourist attractions in India. The city in the National Capital Region has lately reached the status of the nucleus of IT industry and other new-age businesses. The various tourist attractions in Gurgaon – the satellite city of India are interesting and attract quite a number of tourists. The area’s top attraction is the Sheetla Mata temple, a popular pilgrimage site named for the Indian goddess who could dispel small pox; a festival is held there in March and July.

The town of Sohna is one of the most interesting and most visited tourist attractions in Gurgaon which is also famous for its hot springs. The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, at a distance of 16 km, is a wonderful place for passionate bird lovers, and one of the major tourist attractions in Gurgaon. The Damdama Lake, positioned a few kilometres towards the southern part of Gurgaon off Alwar road is one of the major tourist attractions in Gurgaon.