Business day use

Business day use

Use the guest house, and take advantage of all our services for your business purpose, whether it’s a meeting a presentation or an important conference. We can make all the arrangements in best possible time with the highest of quality for you and your team.

We have seen, it often happens when you want the venue to be fully for you and your team members, to keep your privacy and the enjoyment intact. We can make sure that by providing our guest house completely for your service, with each and every staff only for you.

We believe that our growth and success is dependent upon a sustained commitment from every member of our organization to provide the highest quality of service available. We approach each task, both for ourselves and for our clients, with this philosophy in mind. Our purpose is to apply wisdom, insight, skills, and experience to assist our clients in achieving their goals and enhancing their bottom line.

So leave all your worries to us and organise your business meetings and conferences with us.

Drop us your query to know how you can make the best use of our guest house.

Please carry your photo id with address proof. This is a mandatory requirement.